CDB CONSULTING (Security Services) Ltd.      and Associates

                  We provide security solutions for                      homeowners and businesses of all sizes.

Christopher Davey Best Consulting (Security Services) Ltd. & Associates is an estabished, independent security consultancy.                                                                                     

CDB Consulting (Security Services) Ltd. & Associates is proactive  and reactive in providing holistic, professional, straightforward effective security management solutions for countering threats, risks and vulnerabilities to our client's assential assets. 

Client Examples:  Public and Private sector businesses of all sizes: commercial, industrial, economic and technological organizations; Government departments and domestic residences.   We ensure our clients understand and develop effective threat and risk awareness.  We provide cost efficient, effective integrated protective physical, personnel and information technology security solutions, by means of impartial, professional advice, strategic planning, implementation and management.  Our Product and Services pages illustrate the wide range of products and services CDB Consulting (Security Services) Ltd. are able to provide.   

There is no such thing as a 100% totally threat or risk free environment and, in our constantly changing environment, today's sophisticated, highly motivated criminals and terrorists can strike at any time, and in any place which provides the opportunity to make substantial gains from identified vulnerable targets - e.g. the theft of Intellectual Property.

Security, like charity, begins in the home, and we believe we have a responsibility to our clients to deliver effective, bespoke security threat and risk awareness, solutions and appropriate security skills and techniques competency training.   

This comprehensive  security management product is therefore immediately available to a wide variety of Public and Private sector clients - i.e.: 'targets', vulnerable to common and organized serious crime, terrorism, commercial, industrial and economic espionage and sabotage. 

Please see the Product page for details.

The challenge:  is for us to help our clients to recognize and counter the myriad of threats from, and risks of, common crime, serious organized crime and terrorism, which are enormous.   But we are confident our experience, professionalism, integrity, competence, confidentiality and commitment will prevail in meeting the challenge. 

Effective integrated security planning and management will help contribute towards building a safer, stronger and more secure nation.


        "Be the victor not the victim: don't demur - be secure"