ARGUS PANOPTES, a security services provider based in Holland, is our much valued Dutch affiliate, owned and managed by Heer Cornelis (k/a Kok) J. van Langelaar.  

                   3D 360º X 180º SECURITY CAMERA PROGRAMME FOR SHIPS, 
                   FIRE FIGHTING, AMBULANCE, POLICE, SEARCH AND RESCUE                                                                    & SF INTERDICTION.

1. This unique, 50 megapixel High Definition digital camera, and it’s equally unique bespoke image and documentation intelligent software, has a great many applications, several of which are directly related to sea-borne events, such as:

(a) fire fighting, ambulance, search and rescue teams, police negotiators
(b ) crime scene investigation (forensics),
(c) counter-terrorism and counter-piracy interdiction
(d) crew crisis response management training and
(e) the composition of spectacular promotional footage for advertising purposes.

2. This system far outperforms existing traditional 360º rotational video cameras. It is ideally suited to specialist tasks, such as Interdiction, which requires quick response. For example, the flexibility of being able to look around corners. Such a system contributes significantly to the saving on lives in extreme conditions.

3. The HD camera is fitted with a 50 (fifty) mega pixel resolution lens, calibrated for the compensation of spherical distortion, vignetting and chromatic aberration, with up to 26 f-stops of dynamic scope to deal with a full range of challenging light conditions. It therefore provides full spherical, and floor to ceiling, (360º x 180º) HD imaging for fast, effective, efficient and objective documentation in a wide range of applications.

4. The ruggedized, rain and damp protected system (camera, computer and battery pack) is light (7 Kg) and highly mobile, and with its plug and play functionality is easy to use, with minimal training required. Although the system runs off a battery pack, which gives a full two hours operation, it can alternatively be run from a mains supply (110 – 240 volts).

5. The HD camera is operated from a touch screen notebook attached directly to the tripod, both of which are calibrated for accurate 3D measurement of lengths and sizes of objects and/or features, which allow full spherical image pairs with known base distance (photogrammetry). The high dynamic range of the 50mp, 26 f-stop lens, enables the camera to capture images in all light levels at a site (e.g. a ship), scene or building, from the darkest shadows to the brightest sunlight, all in one single scan, without any under or over-exposure. The camera has a snap-on directional and homogeneous bright white light LED illumination scan light, which totally eliminates shadows associated with normal camera floodlighting. Installed GPS and automatic timestamp enables accurate local positioning.

6. With progressive positioning, the camera can provide a totally spherical virtual walk-through image of a ship, with interactive hotspots where required. This is perfect if fire fighting, ambulance, search and rescue crews, negotiators, and/or Special Forces during an interdiction, need to know precisely the detailed, virtual layout of any part, or all, of a ship for easy orientation and search purposes prior to, and/or during, entry and progress through the ship. It is vitally important that, if any part of a ship undergoes physical alteration during refit, that part of the ship must be filmed again, so that the changes are included on the master server. The ship’s manufacturer’s deck plans and maps, together with the target images, can be integrated on the master server to assist in building the virtual walkthrough, with simple ‘click-on’ hot spots to switch between positions.

7. The fundamental concept is to create a complete target image, on the basis of full spherical images (360° x 180°). Within the intelligent software, all types of information, such as key forensic features relevant to fire fighting, hostage and victim search and rescue, police or military interdiction, can be fully documented and integrated with the images. As a result, vital and intuitive information can be gathered in one single source. Communication of information to a third party can be achieved, either by means
published reports with images or, as an interactive, concurrent multi-user facility from a single source.

8. The system, both in static and mobile applications, is a powerful, efficient, effective and versatile asset. Designed to support, enhance and underpin the client company’s existing procedures and measures, already in place to deal with potentially life threatening situations. The system has already been adopted, with excellent results, by Police, Fire, Ambulance, Search and Rescue Services, Military, and civilian business customers in more than 20 countries. UK Special Forces have already purchased the system, and it is currently being trialled by the Metropolitan Police.

9. Should you feel that this system would serve your requirements, there are two methods by which you may wish to utilise this system:

(a) if you have a high number of ships you require to process, it may make sense to purchase the complete system from Argus Panoptes (NL) or CDB Consulting (Security Services) Ltd (UK) to be used by your own trained staff (trained by us), or

(b) purchase the system and engage Argus Panoptes (NL) or CDB Consulting (Security Services) Ltd (UK) to provide an expert operator to carry out your filming requirements as a service, including subsequent regular reviews and updates where necessary, under contract.

10. Either way, please do not hesitate to contact us to discuss your needs. We would be delighted to arrange a demonstration of the system, and expand on the foregoing specifications and product operating details, and to answer any other questions you may have in respect of this excellent system.

Cornelis J. Van LANGELAAR
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