This comprehensive one day travel planning course provides Travel Risk, Threat awareness and Travel Planning management.  The course addresses employers responsibility for Duty of Care and Health and Safety issues, and employee self-awareness.  Thereby significantly reducing the threats and risks to business men and women visiting high and extreme risk countries.

This course covers the following subjects on:

Role and Function:   Reason(s) and justification for travel and in-destination Job/task familiarisation. 

Country Information:  Cultural and Religious Issues; Terrorism and Civil Unrest.  This course provides the details of links and sources, from which timely, credible and relevant information can be used to produce essential reporting, upon which accurate threat and risk assessments can be made. 

Preparation and Travel:  Identifying safest means of travel both to, and while in, the country. Appropriate accommodation; Documentation, luggage allowances, etc.  

Health and Medical Issues: Pre-travel consultations,  regarding local medical issues, e.g. malaria, rabies, sun exposure, HIV Aids, etc, pre-travel dental checks, familiarisation of medical treatment facilities.    

Personal Security: How to reduce risks of theft to intellectual property (IP), Mobile Phones, I-Phones and Tablets, Laptop Computers, Personal Palmtop Computers (PDAs), etc.; use of public transport, taxis, metro/underground; car hire, driving and the law; personal awareness: moving around on foot - where to go and not to go, avoiodance of areas likely to be targeted by criminals, e.g. street crime, etc..  

Identifying in-country enhanced threats and risks:  Espionage; Sabotage, Subversion; Kidnap and Ransom; Assassination.   The circumstaces in which these threats and risks can manifest themselves are explained and discussed during this course.

Duty of Care, health and safety:  An effective and thorough travel planning policy demonstrates an organisation's duty of care, health and safety towards its employees.  It should also encourage significantly lower insurance premiums, and provide shareholders and customers with confidence in an organisation's security, threat and risk policies.   

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