CDB Consulting (Security Services) Ltd. and it's carefully selected highly experienced associates, are very well placed to provide clients in both the private (business and domestic) and public sectors with: 

(a) effective protective security measures and procedures to defend  assets (including personnel) essential for the successful, productive operation of the client's business/organization/domestic residence etc..  See Travel Risk Management page for Travel Planning and Risk Awareness and assessment when travelling to high risk countries,

(b) threat and risk awareness and assessments,           

(c) security and protection management services, 

(d) associated skills and techniques competency training at all levels, 

(e) domestic and business security health checks: a simple but effective diagnostic check and assessment of a client's existing protective security measures and procedures.                                                                                     

To achieve all the above, we are able to offer a range of flexible, bespoke integrated security planning and management packages.  These packages include detailed confidential client security audit and analysis reports, recommendations and solutions. 

We also offer training courses for security and other key staff, which include comprehensive modules concerning Procedural Estate Security Planning and Management, Physical Security, Personnel Security, Information and Technology Security.    

Expenditure on effective and efficient preventative security solutions need not be prohibitively expensive if the threat(s) is/are correctly analysed, and the appropriate solution(s) identified and applied sensibly.   Any expenditure on security must be regarded as  an investment in the future protection of key and vulnerable private (including domestic) and public sectors and Government departments, and to this end we believe we provide value for money.  

To enable us to provide the solutions to our client's problems, we obtain the information we need through a process of careful questioning, listening to the answers, and debate.   By doing things that way, we are able to get a result that satisfies both parties, and ensures the client has faith in our product, and feels confident and comfortable with the solution(s).

A personal service: In providing you with one of our packages, you will receive our dedicated attention to your problems, and ensure we take up as little as possible of your valuable time and money, to deliver the appropriate quality package effectively and efficiently.   

NB: Please turn to our Services page to see other services           CDB Consulting (Security Services) Ltd. is able to provide.