CDB Consulting (Security Services) Ltd. & Associates can offer the following confidential strategic security management services:

1.  Threat and Risk Assessments and Security Audits:                   Our holistic Integrated Security Planning and Management packages come in two parts:

Part 1 includes a comprehensive total security audit of the client's business facility and/or residence, which will identify any threats, risks and weaknesses to that facility and/or residence.   This will be followed by a detailed concluding report which will confirm the identification of threats, risks and weakneses, and provide recommendations for applying sensible, effective solutions.                                                                                                 Part 2 is a tailored training course for management and staff which provides:

(a) personnel and facility threat and risk awareness training,

(b) related skills and techniques training to run and maintain the facility's overall security programme,

(c) training in the provision, development and implementation of security policies, procedures and measures.      

2.  Security health checks: simple, effective domestic and business  diagnostic evaluation of a client's existing protective security measures and procedures, provided in a concise report, for the client.

3. Threat and Risk Awareness: Individual and group personal threat and risk awareness training programmes, including:

(a) threat and risk awareness:  crucial travel advice and guidance to business executives travelling within the UK and overseas, to semi-hostile and potentially hostile environments, together with associated skills training.  Please see Travel Risk Management page for full details.                                                                                                         (b) passive awareness including behavioural advice                                                                                                                                         (c) theft prevention.

4.  Investigations and investigative interviewing.

5.  Crisis management and table top exercises.

6.  Risk Management, loss prevention, Security Strategy Planning and Business Continuity.

7.  Classified confidential Specialist Intelligence Skills and Techniques Training Packages for: Police, Revenue & Customs, Security and Intelligence Services.                                                               Details on application, by E Mail:  

8. Security and associated skills and techniques training.

9. Communications and security systems testing.

10. Integrity testing.