CDB CONSULTING (Security Services) Ltd.        & Associates

Christopher Davey Best Consulting (Security Services) Ltd. & Associates are an exceptional group of security specialists, who have all had professional careers in the Police, Military, Security and Intelligence Organizations.   They have had many decades of experience working in Europe, the Middle East, Far East and Africa.   Consequently, they have built up an impressive knowledge and understanding of how to effectively and efficiently counter the threats from, or risks of, for example: domestic crime, serious organized crime, terrorism, and economic, commercial, industrial and technological espionage, subversion and sabotage.  

Between them, Christopher and his team and associates have a total of over 180 years of experience in every aspect of providing effective,  efficient and affordable solutions to a very wide range of security problems.

........ "Our clients are obviously essential and important to us, and we pride ourselves in providing a quality and reliable service, and at the same time developing a lasting and trusting rapport, thereby providing an enduring, sound working relationship at every level of client management".  


CDB CONSULTING (Security Services) Ltd.

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Institute of Directors                                                                             Professional Consultants & Contractors Group                                   Association of Independent Security Consultants                                                                                             Security Industry Authority                                                                       Security Awareness Special Interest Group, Security Company (International), Ltd.   

Christopher also can be found on the LINKEDIN web site.

Our Associates:  One of our great strengths is the wide range of capacity building professional skills, and experience rich expertise we are able to draw on, provided by our greatly valued associates.  In this way we are able to ensure you receive the best collective advice and service available.

If, having studied this web site, you decide our services are appropriate to your particular situation, then contact us and we can discuss your needs.

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